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playing the petulant child The following text describes this artwork: Does anybody understand what "Koons is playing the petulant child" means? Does it want to say that Koons with this artwork is acting like an angry boy who wants to revenge his critics? Context: A second advertisement, placed in Artforum, shows Koons as a primary-school teacher, facing a highly engaged class of children, his back to the blackboard that displays the slogans, ‘EXPLOIT THE MASSES’ and ‘BANALITY AS SAVIOUR’. In this instance, Koons claims to show himself indoctrinating very young children and exploiting their vulnerability with the intent to outrage Artforum readers, ‘the people that hate me’, in order to make them hate him even more, ‘because I was taking away their future. I was getting at their future, the youth of tomorrow.’ Here, Koons is at once playing the petulant child and poking fun at the paranoid reactions that his work has provoked concerning the debasement of art.
26 авг. 2019 г., 6:50
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Basically, Koons is not being mature - he is acting like a child who is emotionally immature. and acting out negatively. A bit like he is throwing a temper tantrum.
26 августа 2019 г.
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