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Whay does 오지랖 mean? And can you guys translate this sentence for me? 그리고 먼저 실수했으니까 오지랖 한 번 부릴게요. I've searched it on goole but i found nothing useful.
Aug 26, 2019 2:27 PM
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It's not a related topic, but you getting in. As you know, Koreans are not good at talking to strangers. In short, someone who is very interested in this and that and who is very meddlesome. 너 오지랖이 넓다. 저 사람은 오지랖이 넓다 오지랖 좀 부리지마 = 참견 좀 하지마 오지랖퍼 (slang) = 오지랖 + er = 오지랖이 넓은 사람 or 오지랖 부리는 사람 그리고 먼저 실수했으니까 오지랖 한 번 부릴게요 = You made a mistake first, so I'll butt in.
August 26, 2019
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