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What does "buffer" mean in "I took refuge in the same queue with this convenient buffer between us"? What does refuge mean in this sentence?
2019년 8월 27일 오전 5:21
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“Buffer” means something that separates one person or thing from another, often in a protective way. There must have been something in between the speaker and the other person — maybe, other people in the same line. Other examples: The thick walls of the house serve as a buffer against the loud noise of traffic from the nearby road. The President’s Chief of Staff serves as a buffer between him and the many people vying for the President’s attention.
2019년 8월 27일
It's hard to tell without context. I assume that you mean 'refuge' rather than 'refugee'? A refuge is a place to get away from something. Perhaps they are getting away from a crowd? Or hiding from someone? You would need to work that out from context. A buffer probably means something that provides a gap between things. On a boat, they sometimes hang tyres over the side of the boat, so that the boat is not damaged when the boat bumps into something. Those are buffers. Whatever it is, it keeps them apart. It could perhaps be something one of them was carrying. Again - you would need context to work it out.
2019년 8월 27일
Refuge means a place of shelter or refers to the action to avoid dangers. But here, take refuge is a phrase. That when u say u are going to take refuge means u are going to get to a safe place to avoid something dangerous.
2019년 8월 27일
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