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Does “got you” also mean “I understand what you said”? Does “got you” also mean “I understand what you said”? I usually hear people say “got you” when they catch someone doing something “shady” or successfully play a prank on another person. And since “got you” has so many meaning, my another question is when I say it, how would people know which one I mean?
28. Aug 2019 05:39
Answers · 3
There are a few similar variations that can mean different things, depending on context. "Got you" (often pronounced "gotcha") either indicates your understanding of someone's point or an exclamation said when you catch someone. "I've got you" is said to show your support for someone when they need they are in a tough situation.
28. August 2019
It can mean "I understand what you said" People will usually understand it all depends on the conversation that you are in. If you are talking about something and you say got you most people will understand that you mean that you understand. If you are playing a prank and say got you people will understand what that means. It all depends on the conversation or situation.
28. August 2019
Yes! You are right, it depends on the context. “I got you” can either mean “I understand you” or “I found you(doing something wrong)”. This phrase can also mean “I got your back”, Im here for you, I can help you, I can do that favor for you... Hope you understood! And I’m glad to help
28. August 2019
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