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Questions from watching "Growing Pains" Ben: I'm supposed to start the tenth grade in Marvin Kline jeans? Mom: They are just as good as the expensive ones. Ben: Nothing comes between me and my Marvins? Please! Chrissy: Look daddy, I got a new lunch box. Jason: Hannibal lector? What happen to the surfs? Chrissy: Dad, I'm starting kindergarden... It’s a very fast crowd. Jason: Hey Mike I'm glad you're here. Listen you and I have to have a little talk before we register for school. Mike: Oh I already did it dad...and you guys can rest easy, I'm taking my courses seriously this time. Maggie: Bugs bunny as archetype? Hero or Wascal? Mike: If Boynton state teachers college offers it, that's e..eee..eee.e..enough for me. Jason: Come on What's with these courses this year...Psychology? You're taking psychology? Mike: Yeah it's because I admire you dad. Ben: Oh man, is it getting thick in here or what... Jason: Well, I wish we had discussed this first...See; the learning antic's down at the community center needs a student-teacher. 1. What is "Marvin Kline jeans"? Is it cheap so people don't like it? 2. "Nothing comes between me and my Marvins?" What does it mean? What should be in the middle of a man and jeans? 3. About the lunch box, what is "Hannibal lector" and "surfs"? Brand? 4. What is a "fast crowd"? 5."Hero or Wascal", what is a Wascal? 6.“is it getting thick in here or what”,what is "getting thick"? 7.What is a "learning antic“?What's an antic?
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First - this wasn't a very good, or very funny show when it aired. Also, it uses a lot of slang and references from the 1980s. It's probably not the best thing for practicing English. 1. & 2. "Calvin Klein" is a brand name that was very popular during this time period. "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins" was a slogan from a very famous advertisement for those jeans. This family (and especially the teenagers in this family) were in a social class that would have noticed and cared about brand names. "Marvin Kline" would be a cheap knock-off (lower price, lower quality). Ben would have been mocked at school for wearing them. 3. "Hannibal Lector" was the villain from a horror movie ("Silence of the Lambs"), it was very scary and most children were not even able to see the movie. "Smurfs" are a cartoon - very much what children would watch. 4. "fast crowd" is a group of people (usually referring to children and teenagers) that break rules and are slightly rebellious. (Not *important* rules like murder, but lesser rules like going to class late or going to parties instead of studying). This is supposed to be funny because Chrissy is saying that the kindergartners don't watch cartoons, they watch horror movies. 5. On the "Bugs Bunny" cartoons, one of the characters referred to Bugs Bunny as a "Rascally Rabbit" but that character had a speech impediment, so it sounded like "Wascally Wabbit." "Wascal" is a mispronunciation of "Rascal." 6. it's a comment that Mike is trying to flatter his parent by lying about things. 7. That looks like a transcription error. I would bet that it's "learning attic" or "learning annex." Community centers often have areas set aside for children/teens to study in "learning _____" would be a common way to refer to those places.
Hello, 1)"Marvin Kline" is a cheap imitation of "Calvin Klein" brand jeans. It's a joke. 2) refers to a Brooke Shields ad from the 80's I think ("Nothing comes between me and my Calvins...suggests she doesn't wear underwear.) 3) Hannibal Lector is the cannibal character from The Silence of the Lams movie; Smurfs were/are popular little kids' blue cartoon characters, so the first is a very adult, dark character, the latter more childlike. 4) "Fast" means they act older than their age. 5) A Bugs Bunny joke on Hero or Rascal. Elmer Fudd, the cartoon nemesis of Bugs Bunny, had a speech impediment and referred toBugs as that "wascally Wabbit" instead of that "rascally rabbit" 6) suggests that there is a lot of nonsense being said. In the States we might also say "It's getting deep in here." 7) not sure. typo? Many learning annex? An annex is an additional secondary location for something.
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