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Can someone please translate the following Arabic text: وهاك سندها قال مسدد حدثنا أبو عوانه عن ابي هاشم عن ابن عباس ثم ساق الحديث ولا اعلم من ابي هاشم ولا هو متصل لأبن عباس ام لا والله اعلم
28 de Ago de 2019 às 21:58
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Thank you very much guys! I can't award a "best answer" unless you guys submit in the answer box though!
31 de Agosto de 2019
Here is its Narration Mosaded said , Abo Oana told us upon Abi Hashem upon Ibn Abas then he told us the Hadeeth and I don't know who is Abi Hashem and is he related to Ibn Abas or not Allah knows better =================== apparently this text is driven from Islamic Science called ( Mostaleh Hadith ) which a big field that considers every man telling Hadith and searching for its integrity and honesty in narrating to take the Hadith from him
31 de Agosto de 2019
Thanks Assem!
29 de Agosto de 2019
“سند” means the series of people who narrated the prophet’s saying “El-Hadeeth” one after another. Translation: And this is its series of narrators: Mossaddid said that Abu-‘Owana told us, narrating from Abu-Hashem who knew it from Ebn-‘abbass, then he told El-Hadeeth. And I don’t know who Abu-Hashem is and whether he relates to Ebn-‘abbass or not, only god knows.
29 de Agosto de 2019
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