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nine fifteen
native Japanese speaker come in 😀 is there any guy can tell me the difference betweenありがとう ございます and ありがとう ごあいました
Aug 29, 2019 6:24 AM
Answers · 3
thank you guys very much
August 31, 2019
ありがとうございます is the formal way to thank someone it means something like “thank you so much” and ありがとうございました is the past tense of that. Therefore you would use the past tense in regards to something that has already happened. Example would be 「お招きいただきありがとうございました」(thank you so much for inviting me) this could only be said after the event you were invited to because of the past tense. Simply change it to ありがとうございます if you want to say it before or during the event.
August 29, 2019
They are almost same . ありがとうございました can be used for something what happened past. For example, when I talk about 10 years ago and I say あの時はありがとうございました。also I say あの時はありがとうございます。 But we can't use ありがとうございました for something what happen usual like いつも ありがとうございました✖     いつも ありがとうございます="thank you as always " is fine
August 29, 2019
nine fifteen
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