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Would you like to help me revise the essay, please Jessie Lin is having an affair with my husband who has been domestic violence against his wife and has been abandoning me. Maybe she deserve a better man who’s a nice personality and moral quality instead of my husband who’s potentially violent tendencies. So, as a friend of Jessie Lin’s, would you mind setting her up with a Mr.Right and then avoiding to befall Jessie Lin with the same tragedy as I suffering from my husband?Thank you ! the massage from the victim in the marriage
2019年8月29日 12:31
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Hello! So I would correct it as follows: (... )with my husband, who has been committing domestic violence against his wife and is abandoning me. Maybe she deserves a better man, who has a nice personality and good morals, instead of my husband with his potentially violent tendencies. ( ...) and then preventing the same tragedy I'm suffering from my husband from befalling Jessie Lin? For this last sentence, you could also say: and (then) preventing Jessie Lin from going through the same tragedy that I am suffering from my husband?
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