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Grocery Which is right : 1. I'm going to buy groceries 2. I'm going grocery shopping
29 ago 2019 18:13
Answers · 3
They’re both correct and have essentially the same meaning. As far as why the word “grocery” is singular in number 2, this is usually (but not always) the case when a noun is used to qualify another noun. For example, an egg-carton contains multiple eggs (for example, 12 eggs) — not just one. We do *not* say “an eggs-carton”.
29 agosto 2019
30 agosto 2019
Hi Ensomih, Both are correct with only subtle emphasis but not meaning. In the first sentence, 'groceries' is a noun that is the food and supplies sold in a market. Number 2, 'grocery' is an adjective describing the type of shopping, telling us that you're going to buy food, rather than clothing, for instance. Hope this helps, e.
29 agosto 2019
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