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Small talk in finnish? Moikka! Are there any hints how to learn small talk in Finnish? Its not typical to say "hi how are you" when you meet somebody you don't really know close, so what do you say?
1 sep 2019 16:42
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Search internet you will find resources
1 september 2019
Moi Maria! Unfortunately there is no simple answer, because the Finns don't really engage in small talk. It is more frequent to hear people comment on a specific topic to try and start a conversation than it is to hear a "how are you". Talking about a specific topic might be difficult if you don't have anything else in common with someone other than that you both, say, live in the same apartment building. That's why a full conversation between two neighbors meeting in the hallway is often a short and snappy: -Moi. -Moi. I personally like to express my interest and/or ask a question on something I think the other person might be interested in. The caveat above still applies and if you know little about the other person, you may not have much to work with.
10 december 2019
hi..i like to improve my english can you speak with me
1 september 2019
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