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What is precipice site, and what is rough? Dawns on precipice site, the municipality of Pesqueira, rough Pernambuco-Brazil. We woke up a little dizzy with the sunlight beating on our faces and the melodious birdsong.
2. Sept 2019 03:01
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I don't think the text was written by a native speaker because it's difficult to understand and contains some errors. A "precipice" is a high cliff or mountain peak. "Site" means a place or location. It sounds a bit unnatural to use them together, since the precipice/peak is already a place. I would just say precipice without "site." Also, I think the beginning of that sentence is missing. By "rough" I think the writer means to say "roughly," which can be used to estimate something like a quantity or amount. For example: I have roughly $200 in my wallet. There are roughly three liters of water remaining. The next campsite is roughly three miles north. However, I think it sounds odd to use "roughly" to estimate location in this way. It sounds like Pesqueira is located within Pernambuco, which is within Brazil. It would be more natural to say "the municipality of Pesqueira in the Pernambuco region of Brazil." I may be wrong since I don't know much about Brazilian geography, but I think that's what the writer meant!
2. September 2019
I will explain these words in a moment but I want to start by saying that the use of them and the sentence in general, doesn't make a lot of sense. Was it directly translated into English? "precipice" is either the very edge of a steep cliff or a moment before a dramatic change in life. ---> "He was walking dangerously close to the precipice of the cliff" ---> "She was on the precipice of the biggest decision of her life" "rough" is either describing a non smooth texture or an estimate. ---> "The rocks are really rough" ---> "It costs roughly £10" So as I said, and I hope you can see, these definitions don't fit into the use of the words in your sentence. I also did some research into the areas mentioned and it still isn't clear as to what this sentence is trying to say.
2. September 2019
Thank you for your answers. You are right, what I am reading is one version translated by someone, the original one should be Portuguese.
2. September 2019
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