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how to say this concept in a natural way? We cannot ask and answer with teacher and other classmates on an online class.
2. Sept 2019 07:05
Answers · 8
A few suggestions: "It's not possible to talk with the teacher or other students in my/our/the online class," "I'm unable to talk with the teacher and other students in my/our/the online class."
2. September 2019
Thank u Gary🌹🌹
3. September 2019
That depends. There are subtle differences depending on what you want to emphasise, and the level of formality. It's more common to say 'question and answer' though. If you want to emphasise the Q&A process, say that in full. 'Communicate' is a little more formal. 'Talk' is more informal. 'interact' can imply other interactions, such as getting verbal cues. You need to get the forms of the verbs right though, .e.g . 'communicate with', 'talk to', 'question and get answers from', etc.
2. September 2019
Thanks Gary... The natural verb for "ask and answer" is "communicate" or "interact" ?
2. September 2019
I'm not sure what you are asking. I thought that in most live online classes you can communicate with the teacher - maybe not with the classmates.
2. September 2019
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