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what does "sent word of the wrong done to him"here mean? When Menelaus returned from hunting and found his queen fled with the Trojan prince, the black grief and the red rage came upon him, and he sent word of the wrong done to him and a furious call for aid to his brother, black-bearded Agamemnon who was High King over all the other kings of Greece. And from golden Mycenae of the Lion Gate where Agamemnon sat in his great hall, the call went out for men and ships. To ancient Nestor of Pylos, to Thisbe where the wild doves croon, to rocky Pytho, to Ajax the mighty, Lord of Salamis, and Diomedes of the Loud War Cry whose land was Argos of the many horses, to the cunning Odysseus among the harsh hills of Ithaca, even far south to Idomeneus of Crete, and many more.
2 Th09 2019 08:37
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From the context, this means he sent a a message of the bad (wrong) things there happened or were done to him. In other very basic words: He told them about the bad things they did to him.
2 tháng 9 năm 2019
He sent a message about the bad actions that had been done to him
2 tháng 9 năm 2019
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