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I’ve seen the laundry list, and everybody’s got one at a certain age. hi there whats meaning of "laundry list" and certaing age" referes to what"?????????? I’ve seen the laundry list, and everybody’s got one at a certain age. You may be strong enough, but the ligaments and the tendons and so forth, and the discs, will break down. But still I was very happy to do it when I was thirty. Actually, I was twenty-eight. I got that Californian record. ASHBROOK: Six hundred pounds! That’s incredible! So now, I’ve seen the laundry list, and everybody’s got one at a certain age. Are you selfpitying about those physical impediments or do they matter as much anymore? SACKS: Um, I had a cancer. Melanoma in my eye. Which was irradiated. That eye now has no vision, but the cancer hasn’t recurred. I sort of said to the cancer, “You can have the eye, but leave me alone.” And so far, this is what the cancer has done. My balance is a bit bad, and when I’m outside, especially with crowds rushing around, I use a stick. And I don’t drive because my vision’s somewhat bad. On the other hand, I can read —though I use a magnifying glass—I can write up a storm, and I can swim up a storm. I love swimming and I feel young and strong, or ageless in the water. I think swimming is one of the few activities one can do for the first century.
Sep 2, 2019 7:36 PM
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Laundry list in this instance refers to the accomplishments in life. Of a certain age would seem to refer to the different decades of our lives.
September 4, 2019
Laundry list = a long list of stuff to do, or just a long list of stuff A certain age = at some point in life, be it old or young. Usually it means older. Hope this helps
September 4, 2019
A 'laundry list' means a long list of possible options. 'Of a certain age' refers to an age range, usually in the middle, not young, not old, for example, middle-ages, 40s, etc. It is often used to refer to women in middle-age or menopause without specifying the age because women are sensitive about their age. I can't understand the meaning of the dialogue either. I don't have enough context to be able to say what the laundry list refers to. 'At a certain age' I think means 'at some point in life.' There is a point in which most people start thinking about 'the laundry list.' I think that they are referring to middle-age and the feeling that your life is half over, and you start to feel your mortality, for example, half-way to death and what have you done with your life. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.
September 2, 2019
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