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What is the meaning of '吃白饭的‘ in English? Thanks for any replies.
2019년 9월 3일 오전 1:28
Answers · 8
an empty suit or a kept man
2019년 9월 3일
这里的“白”的是免费的意思。所以吃白饭的字面意思是吃饭不用花钱的,引申含义是不工作而要靠别人养活的人、不务正业的人。 Here the word '白' means free of charge. So the literal sense of 吃白饭 is to eat in free or charge, and its extend meaning is people who do not work and feed by others, people not to attend to one's proper duties
2019년 9월 6일
person who just eats free cooked rice. It is used to refer to those people who gains everything without any payment of hard work.
2019년 9월 3일
Person who don't any work just stay at home to eat ,play around.
2019년 9월 3일
2019년 9월 3일
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