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الفرق بين لو و إذا How does the usage differ?
Sep 3, 2019 11:38 AM
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"لو" Often comes with events that are impossible or hard to happen, e.g. "لو كان لي جناحان، لما بقيت علي الأرض" “If I had wings, I wouldn’t stay on the ground” Also, it could be used to regret something in the past, e.g. لو ذاكرتُ جيداً، لحصلت علي درجات أفضل “If I had studied well, I would have got better grades” "إذا" Is used with events or conditions that are most probably gonna happen, e.g. إذا مات أبي، ادفنوه في بيته “If my dad died, bury him in his home” إذا تأخرَ صديقي، حتماً سأنتظره "If my friend comes late, definitely I will wait for him” There’s also another word with the same meaning “if” but different usage called "ْإن" This one is used with events that may happen but not for sure, e.g. "إنْ جاء أبي، فلا تخبره بمكاني" “If my dad comes, don’t tell him where I am”
September 3, 2019
well, In English both mean "if". but in Arabic, if you use "لو", you probably mean the condition won't happen or there is little possibility. so it matches the second and the third conditional if statements. so we can say that "إذا" matches the zeroth and first conditional if statements (you are pretty sure the condition will happen). there is a third article "إن" which is used for low possibility. It is somewhere between the first two words. you can choose either word you prefer upon what you mean. No one would be right or wrong in a specific sentence.
September 3, 2019
there are some words that can be added to this question like "إن"
September 3, 2019
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