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play itself out Hello, Can you let me know what the expression means below? "Until that plays itself out, my hands are tied with Ms. Hale." The detective saying the expression above are currently getting a help from Mr. Hale while a third party accused her of something to the detective. Thank you!
Sep 3, 2019 4:32 PM
Answers · 3
It's The Truth Lives meaning Someone Can Do something with bad intentions but if it plays out you will eventually find out what they really Want, example.
September 3, 2019
“Play itself out” means “to end”, “to get done”. I hope it helps, :)
September 3, 2019
"plays itself out" = reaches a conclusion, finishes, is complete . If something, some process is happening that interferes with another. Such as; if someone else's priority investigation means that you are not allowed to talk to a witness, then you cannot proceed with your one untill the other is finished, has played itself out. . We cannot proceed with the reorganisation untill the labour strike is over. (has played itself out) We cannot finish this new law untill the new government is sworn in. (the election has played itself out)
September 3, 2019
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