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questions Heidegger once again quotes the poet Friedrich Hölderlin , finding in these lines from the poem "Patmos" a formulation of the paradox he wants to describe: within the "supreme danger" of humanity's enframing orientation to the world lies the potential of a rescue from that very danger. 1. What does "finding in" mean? 2. finding + a formulation of the paradox he wants to describe + in +these lines from the poem "Patmos" Is this right? 3. enframing orientation means what?
Sep 4, 2019 12:05 AM
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1. "Finding in these lines" means "Within the lines quoted, something is learnt" (I assume there was a quote from the poem previously) 2. Not sure what you're asking, but I'd say a simplification would be "Heidegger wants to describe a paradox, and he finds a good way to describe it within the lines of Hölderlin's poem." 3. This is a really verbose, overly-florid use of language, but I think what he means is 'humanity's restricted point of view of the world'.
September 4, 2019
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