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disposables Does "disposables" below mean 1."things that could only be used for one time (for a very limited duration of consumption time), like disposable paper cups" or 2."useless everyday things and stuff"? Context: One of Levine’s innovations was disposable art. He created thousands of vacuum-formed plastic reliefs called Disposables (1966) that sold for between three and six dollars each. “People like to think that art is forever, but it has a lifespan like anything else,” says Levine. He contemplated the purpose of art, and came to the conclusion that its function was to raise consciousness and communicate ideas. Once that process was complete, art ceased to be art, and instead became “a historical, exotic object.” A piece of art “produced insight that it imparts, but after that it is just dying on your wall,” he adds. “So why not hang it for a short time and then get rid of it?”
4 de sep de 2019 6:13
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The first meaning is correct - you use it for a short time, and then get rid of it.
4 de Septiembre de 2019
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