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What's that meaning?? 1. But it's hard not to take credit whenever it comes up.

I don't understand 'comes up'

2. I can never keep their trip straight

Sep 4, 2019 12:34 PM
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Hi, SoHyun, 1. "comes up" in this context means happens or occurs, as in an opportunity presents itself so it's hard not to take advantage of it and claim credit. 2. Not sure, depends on context. I'd guess that if a friend or family member travelled a lot, one could say "I can never keep their trips straight" meaning you don't remember exactly the details about each trip...dates, destinations, duration, etc. To not keep straight means to not remember or to be confused about specifics. Best, Martha
September 4, 2019
"Comes up" often means "comes up in conversation" = "someone starts talking about it." Eg: because I dont have a television, I get bored when I am talking with friends and 'Game of Thrones' comes up." I think that us what your example means.
September 5, 2019
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