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Did/did it Hi, there Should I use “did” or “did it” in this text? (Salem Witch Trials): “Anyone who was accused of being bewitched, they went to a trial and if they said ‘I am a witch’ they were forgiven, many of them were forgiven. But many of them were like ‘Oh, I am not a witch, I am going to stand for my rights’, and if they DID/DID IT they were killed and persecuted” Which one of THESE two should I use in this sentence? Thank you
Sep 4, 2019 1:08 PM
Answers · 3
Here, the verb that "did" would be pointing to is "were like", and we usually don't use "do" to replace "be". "Did it" is also strange, since "it" usually points to a single noun, and "that" points to a whole sentence or situation. I would go with "did that". If you used "say" instead of "be", "did" would be fine without a pronoun. So, "did that" would be the best choice. Out of the two choices you offered, "did" would be a better choice than "did it", since "were like" could be interpreted as a phrasal verb distinct from "be".
September 4, 2019
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