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Crystal Yum
Is dubstep still a thing? What does that mean?
6 sept. 2019 00:04
Answers · 3
It's a type of electronic dance music. I had to google it as I hadn't heard the term myself.
6 septembre 2019
It's slang... it can mean different things. For example, Will Smith and Jada are still a thing?.. it could mean, they are still together? or they are still relevant? .. but it your case it means " people are still listening to that?"
6 septembre 2019
"is ... still a thing" simply means is the subject (dubstep in this case) still popular? People often uses phrases like "I'm into..." or "... is my thing" to show an interest in something; so this is a variation on the latter of these two phrases, to ask about the current general interest in something.
6 septembre 2019
Crystal Yum
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