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What does "Ideally (to some)" mean? could you explain it to me? For a long time, tourism was seen as a huge monster invading the areas of indigenous peoples, introducing them to the evils of the modern world. However, research has shown that this is not the correct way to perceive it. In most places, tourists are welcome and indigenous people see tourism as a path to modernity and economic development. But such development is always a two-edged sword. Tourism can mean progress, but most often also means the loss of traditions and cultural uniqueness. And, of course, there are examples of ‘cultural pollution’, ‘vulgarization’ and ‘phony-folk-cultures’. The background for such characteristics is often more or less romantic and the normative ideas of a former or prevailing authenticity. Ideally (to some) there should exist ancient cultures for modern consumers to gaze at, or even step into for a while, while travelling or on holiday. This is a cage model that is difficult to defend in a global world where we all, indigenous or not, are part of the same social fabric.
Sep 6, 2019 6:16 AM
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"Ideally (to some) there should exist ancient cultures ...." In their perfect world, there should exist ancient cultures ... OR In how they consider the perfect world should be, there should exist ancient cultures ...
September 6, 2019
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