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what does "comb"here mean? The spear point drove clean through Paris’ shield and breastplate and gashed the fine stuff of his tunic, but did not so much as nick the skin beneath, for the Trojan flung himself sideways just in time. With a roar of fury Menelaus rushed upon him with his great sword upswung. But the blade, slashing at the bronze comb of his helmet, shattered into four pieces that span away, bright and blinking in the sunlight.
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In ancient Greece, helmets had a decorative piece on the top. It could be made of metal (as in this example) or it could be made of something lighter, like hair (usually horse hair). This top part of a helmet is called a "crest" or a "comb." By the way, the piece of skin on top of a chicken's head is also called a "comb" in English. It looks somewhat similar to the crest on an ancient helmet. If you search the internet for "Greek helmet crest," you can find pictures.
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