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"IN a cold morning" or "ON a cold morning"? 2) What does "bright as a knife" in "she said, bright as a knife"? 3) What does "grounded" mean in "is she not allowed to go out when she is grounded"? 4) What does "bounded" mean in "A gray squirrel bounded in fluid semicircles across our path"? 5) If you don't drink coffee and want to share your instance coffee bottle with your roomie, how would you say "Help yourself and drink as much as you want"?
Sep 7, 2019 1:45 AM
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1) "ON a cold morning" I had a warm cup of tea 2) I can only guess the context "Knife" implies something is sharp and when someone is "Sharp" it means they're smart. So, this sentence would means she is dangerously smart. 3) "Grounded" in this context, grounded means a form of punishment given often to a child by a parent or teacher for bad behaviour. So, she did something bad, therefore she cannot go see her friends. 4) Bounded is just another word for hop but implies there is joy in the movement (usually). 5) Your sentence sounds perfect "Please help yourself to the bottle"
September 7, 2019
1) "On a cold morning" --- usually "in" is the preposition needed for "in the morning, I..." but because you have used an adjective as a descriptor in the sentence, "on" is needed instead. 2) Firstly I'd like to say that this saying is not so common anymore but to let you know the word "bright" by itself, is still often used to describe someone smart. 3) "grounded" is a punishment given by parents to their children for bad behavior, where they would have to come home directly from school and then are not allowed out to see friends for the period of the grounding. 4) "bounded" means to cover large distances quickly because each step is far apart from the previous one, in an almost jumping like motion but still more like running. It can also refer to a positive energy being when doing so but not always. 5) "Help yourself" or "Drink as much as you want", personally I would use just the beginning or end part because I think using both together is unnecessarily long but is it grammatically accurate, so good job.
September 7, 2019
Re #5, it is "instant" coffee (because it takes only an instant to make it)
September 7, 2019
Please ignore this still trying to figure out how to use this app 😋😋
September 7, 2019
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