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Amanda Campos
What is the difference between while and whilst?
2019년 9월 7일 오전 4:20
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'while' can be used as a verb, 'whilst' can't. "I while away my time at the coffee shop when my partner shops". 'while' can be a noun, 'whilst' can't. "I lived in France for a while." Other cases as a conjunction they're interchangeable. But you have to take care, as in some regions 'whilst' has largely dropped out of common usage and it's seen as more literary or dated. Saying it in these localities may risk you sounding pretentious.
2019년 9월 7일
Want some advice? Forget about 'whilst'. You will never need it. If you see or hear it, just replace it with 'while' in your mind - it has exactly the same meaning. You will never need to actually use the word 'whilst'. As Greg says, the word 'while' has many uses: a noun ( 'I spent a while there'), a verb ( 'You can while away the hours') and a conjunction ( Will you wait for me while go to the bank?). 'Whilst' is an alternative to 'while' only when it's a conjunction. It's also much, much rarer than 'while'. Most speakers of American English never use 'whilst' : to Americans i.e. the majority of English speakers in the world - it sounds outdated and pretentious. It is used sometimes by some British English speakers, but not by everyone. A personal note: I'm British, I'm older than most members here, and the English I speak is more traditional, and possibly more 'formal', than many people's. And guess what? I never use 'whilst'. So if I don't need it, you certainly don't!
2019년 9월 7일
They both have the same meaning, but “whilst” is a very dated option. :)
2019년 9월 7일
There us no difference. "Whilst" is very old-fashioned and is never used in the USA. i'm not sure about Britain
2019년 9월 7일
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