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Is the sentence true?or its unnormal Do you have pictures of your friends? I mean do you have any photo of them
Sep 7, 2019 7:37 AM
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Good morning, Majid. I'll start by correcting your question. What you should be asking is this: "Is this sentence correct? Or is it unnatural?" The word 'true' refers to facts - whether or not someone is telling the truth or saying something which is factually accurate. You cannot use 'true' to talk about grammatical or technical correctness. Note there's no such word as 'unnormal'. The best word here would be 'unnatural'. Also note that you need to reverse the verb and the subject ( in this case, 'it' and 'is') when you ask a question. 'It's unnatural' is a statement, while 'Is it unnatural?' is a question. As for your question about the pictures - yes, it's both correct and natural. 'Do you have (any) pictures of your friends?' means 'Do you have any photos of your friends?'. When we say 'pictures' in this context, it means the same as photos. Note that we need to use the plural after 'any' here - 'any pictures' or 'any photos'. I hope that helps.
September 7, 2019
I wanted to second Su.Ki and note that the opposite of normal is "abnormal"
September 7, 2019
Thank you brother
September 7, 2019
The first sentence, (“do you have pictures of your friends?”), is perfectly normal. The second sentence should say: “I mean, do you have any photos of them”. However, you don’t need to use the second sentence at all, because the first one is clear and understandable.
September 7, 2019
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