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Is there any difference between below sentences ✔️I think you should go ✔️You should go I guess "I think~" is a bit more polite. What do you think about that?
Sep 7, 2019 11:25 AM
Answers · 3
The meaning is the same. With the addition of “I think”, you’re just changing the tone, softening it and seeming a bit more friendly. Like what you do with ...方がいい, a friendly advice. I hope this helps. Keep at it, you can do it!
September 8, 2019
Do the sentences below have different meanings? Adding “I think” softens the statement. The meaning isn’t clear without context. You could be suggesting to someone that they should leave the area, in which case neither statement is polite. Or you could just be offering an opinion - I think you should go to the movies, or go on a date, or go to college, or go on vacation etc.
September 7, 2019
They aren’t very different Yusuke, with “I think” you are kind of telling your opinion, and it’s less obligatory. “You should go” is just more mandatory. I hope it helps, :)
September 7, 2019
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