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Dont understand tge meaning of act upon in many sentences sometimes it seem to mean implement ?! You can’t keep referring to people who are not white as invading vermin, then behave as if you’re dismayed when someone acts upon such inducement.
8. Sept 2019 00:04
Answers · 3
Hello, Hazem. It means to use something as a reason for doing something or taking an action. With your example, non-white people might act or react as a result of being called 'invading vermin'. Here are some other sentences using 'act upon' that might help you understand its meaning better. - Ideas are useless unless you act upon them. - She did not act upon my suggestion. - The question comes down to whether we ought to act upon his advice. I hope this answer helps! If you're interested in increasing your English fluency, I am a professional English teacher on Italki and would be happy to work with you.
8. September 2019
What a political and racist comment you are quoting. Maybe you found it in a newspaper. To 'act upon' is to behave, to act from the basis of something. So if you tell someone something derogatory (bad) about them, e.g. a parent or a boss saying bad things about the child/worker, then do not be surprised that the child/worker will behave like that, (that they are a naughty child/ a lazy worker). If you tell someone what (you think) they are, they will 'act upon' that basis; they will incorporate that information and behave as though it were true.
8. September 2019
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