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Does knowing here in progressive beacause it paticiple as or object gerund? I still remember the day i sat on the wheelchair for the first time (knowing) that i will not leave it
2019年9月8日 04:50
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I agree with Phil, in this context "knowing" does not have a function of a subject or object. It has the function of an adjective. Take a look at this example: "I saw the child STANDING in the middle of the road." The word "standing" describes "the child" as "knowing" describe the state/condition of the subject in your original sentence. “EXERCISING is good for your body" - Exercising is a gerund that functions as the subject of the sentence. Is, the verb that follows, is in the third-person singular form. “She enjoys RUNNING daily.” What does she do? She enjoys. What does she enjoy? Running. Here, running is a gerund that functions as the object of the verb "enjoys". The gerund phrase in this sentence is “running daily.” Besides that, G=gerunds can also be used as the object of a PREPOSITION. Common prepositions used with gerunds include of, about, to, before, and after. For example, “He’s excited about BEING off work on Friday.” "Being" is a gerund that functions as the object of the preposition about. "Being off work on Friday" is the full gerund phrase. Finally, gerunds can also function as SUBJECT COMPLEMENTS. A subject complement is a noun that follows a linking verb. Linking verbs are forms of the verb to be, such as am, is, are, was, and were. Here’s an example of a gerund used as a subject complement: “The group’s main goal is ELIMINATING poverty.” Here, "eliminating" is a gerund that acts as the complement of the subject goal.
It’s a participle. I don't see how it could be a gerund. If it were a gerund, what would it's possibly function be (subject, object)?
Question form - Does vs Is; To be or not to be in a question that is the question! Here you can ask: 'Is knowing...' However 'Does 'knowing' function as a ...' With Do/Does/Did you need a following verb. Is X Y? Does X verb Y
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