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what's the meaning of One Emphasises? I just watched BBC's Cop TV show "The Capture". There is this girl whose name is Carey and she had a chat with her boss Hart after they had a great result from the court. Before that, Commander Hart had an interview with the press and it was on TV. Carey and Hart watched the interview together and Carey said "You made it" to Hart and Hart said "I thought they would have cut me out" to Carey. Then She said "I'm sure they'd tried. One emphasises" I can't understand why Carey said "One emphasises" to Hart. Please someone tell me what's the meaning of the sentence"
Sep 8, 2019 6:46 AM
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Are you sure you haven't heard wrong ? It would make more sense if Carey said "empathises" (not emphasises). To empathise with someone is to feel or express sympathy for someone. Maybe Carey is making a joke or poking fun at her boss by saying she 'feels sorry' for the people who couldn't cut Hart out of the interview.
September 8, 2019
It sounds like she was emphasizing that that had, in fact, tried to cut Hart out of the interview. The phrase, "One emphasizes" means "I am emphasizing". It is an unusual construct in English in which the speaker refers to herself in the third person. This technique is used when the speaker wants to add emphasis and create some emotional distance at the same time. Compare these two sentences: "I hope we will be rescued soon!" "We will be rescued soon. One hopes."
September 8, 2019
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