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Pablo G. Oliveras
"Enough internet to last you the month". Is this correct? I've just run into this piece of text and although I get what it tries to say, I struggled to recognise one of the structures in it ("to last you the month"). Here it is: "When organising your internet make sure you sign up for enough internet to last you the month as it's very expensive if you go over your allowance." I've never seen an expression like this, in 20 years. Is it good English?
Sep 8, 2019 10:50 AM
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It’s correct English, but not what I would write, since we don’t usually measure “internet”. How about “…enough gigabytes to last…”?
September 8, 2019
Yes. It is very common, at least in the USA. I just googled it and got 500,000 hits. And "last you the year" got 600,000. But I I am not sure it is 100% grammatical, in standard English. It might come originally from a dialect of English with slightly different rules of grammar.
September 8, 2019
Pablo G. Oliveras
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