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Questions about comparing with two sentences *My friends gather at Taco Tuesday, a popular weekly neighbordhood event. *My friends gather for Tacos on Tuesday, at popular neighborhood event. Which sentence is correct? PLease analysis from GRAMMER perspective
Sep 8, 2019 2:03 PM
Answers · 4
Scenario 1: There is an event named "Taco Tuesday". Then your first sentence is correct... * My friends gather at "Taco Tuesday", a popular weekly neighborhood event. Scenario 2: There is a neighborhood event, which you do not name in your sentence (it may be "Taco Tuesday", or it may be "Happy Hour at the Pub" or it may be un-named. Then the second sentence is correct, without the capitalization for "Tacos"... * My friends gather for tacos on Tuesday, at a popular neighborhood event. I'd use quotes to denote a non-obvious proper name, to avoid confusion. "Taco Tuesday" is a popular promotion at bars, so it's probably that name rather than "Tacos on Tuesday".
September 9, 2019
"Taco Tuesday" is the name of the event, so the first sentence is correct. It's not an issue with grammar. Many bars and restaurants use the name Taco Tuesday to refer to their weekly event, gathering, or even just a promotion. Tacos and possibly drinks are offered at a discount to attract customers on what is usually the slowest day for their business.
September 8, 2019
Either could work. If the gathering is referred to as Taco Tuesday and it’s a known or recurring event, you can say you’re meeting friends “for” Taco Tuesday which suggests you’re actually going to the event and it can be at different locations . If every Tuesday you meet for tacos at different places (or the same place) but it’s still the same event, you could say “for”. E.g. We’re meeting for Taco Tuesday...this time, it’ll be at XYZ restaurant. You could also use “at” which does not necessarily mean you’re planning to go to the event, it’s just the location you’re meeting at but you could be then going someplace else, or you could be staying. In the second example you gave , if “Tacos on Tuesday” is the name of the event, it’s fine, other than you use “a” not “at”.
September 8, 2019
Either can be correct, depending on the context. If Taco Tuesday is in the same location every time, either "for" or "at" works. If it is an event without a set location, than only "for" works. Eg: "I meet friends every Thursday for Happy Hour, but we go to a different bar each time." "I meet my friends once a month at First Friday, an event at which all the art galleries downtown stay open late."
September 8, 2019
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