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Subject in diploma Which name of a subject is more preferable in a diploma: Informatics, Information Technology or Computer Science?
Sep 9, 2019 6:42 AM
Answers · 6
Personally I had never heard of Informatics until I just searched it but now that I have, all 3 of these titles have different nuances as to what your area of study focus was. Informatics = the study of computer systems' behaviours and interactions, it is not just the technology side of things but also the social implications too. Information Technology = the general study of computers and telecommunication systems regarding their basic processes or uses etc. Computer Science = the specific study of how computer programs interact with data and process it.
September 9, 2019
It's an individual choice - there is no "better" study area. Generally, computer science is more theoretical than informatics or information technology that are more applied in nature. But there is a lot of blurring between the three study areas - a lot of their study areas overlap. Also, each college and university define these study areas differently. ie. Information technology at one university can be completely different at another college.
September 9, 2019
You want to know whicvh to do? or You want to know what to call something that you have already done? . I suspect each of these is a little different each place.
September 9, 2019
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