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Please, help me translate the sentence 지난시간 연습이랑 공연 내내 팬미팅에 콘서트 연습에 우리 작품 연습까지 아프지 않고 다 잘 해냈네.
Sep 10, 2019 2:57 PM
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지난(last) 시간(time) 연습(practice)이랑(consonant ending noun particle, meaning 'with') 공연(performance) 내내(during the entire time) 팬미팅(fan meeting)에(다가) short form of the particle, meaning 'in addition to' 콘서트 연습(practice)에(다가) 우리(our) 작품(product) 연습(practice)까지(particle, meaning 'even') 아프지 않고(without being sick and: 아프다be sick + -지 않다not + -고and) 다(all) 잘(well) 해냈네(complete, accomplish: 하다do + -어/아/해 내다completing the action by him/herself). You did well with practice last time, fan meetings during performance, practice for concerts, and even practicing our work without being sick!
September 11, 2019
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