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Why is の in front of the adjective? Why is の in front of the adjective in the sentence "黒のスーツを洗う" and the sentence "白の上着をもっている"? Thank you very much for your time.
Sep 10, 2019 4:05 PM
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>Why is の in front of the adjective in the sentence "黒のスーツを洗う" and the sentence "白の上着をもっている"? It is because 黒 and 白 here is not the adjective but the noun.
September 11, 2019
The following may not be the definitive answer to your question, but at least it is the way I see it. 「黒い」and「白い」are general descriptions of the colors, i.e., black suits in general(黒いスーツ一般) and white jackets in general (白い上着一般) Examples: She works in the shop washing black shirts all day long. 彼女は仕事場で一日中、黒いスーツを洗っている。 In summer, more white jackets are sold than than black ones. 夏には、白い上着のほうが黒い上着よりも良く売れる。 「黒の」and「白の」refers to certain items in a group (e.g., the suits I have, or the jackets in a store, etc.) which are of the specified colors. The black one (of those); the white one (of those). 黒のスーツ: 私が持っている スーツの内で、黒いスーツ 白の上着: この店で売っている上着の内で、白い上着 Examples: I have several suits, and I wash them occasionally. Today, I am washing the black (黒の)suits. For today's party, he will be wearing a jacket (of the several jackets he has) , the white (白の) one, I think.
September 10, 2019
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