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Any cool and various talk radio in english? Which talk radio would you advise me to improve my listening and my english vocabulary? I want no music, just talking, with various topics... something cool and interesting.. Thank you a lot!
Sep 11, 2019 6:42 PM
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Hi Ivan, The major English-language radio organizations are the BBC for British English and NPR for American English. What topics are you interested in?
September 11, 2019
WCPT radio or Chicago Progressive Talk Radio has a number of talk shows that are on every day of the week. Most of them are political topics, but not all. The two most popular are The Thom Hartmann Show (straight politics) and The Stephanie Miller Show (politics and comedy). They easily accessed either via the internet or using the TuneIn app. Enjoy-- Teacher Charles Harris
September 11, 2019
Hi Ivan. I would suggest you try podcasts. You can find them on many themes. One of my personal favorites for a 'cool and interesting' take on many themes is Freakonomics. They look at everything old and new through the lens of an economist. They come up with some pretty fascinating theories like the long term impact of birth control and what our names are. Another personal favorite is Hidden Brain where you will learn much about how our brains impact so much more than an individual's thought. Hope you enjoy and learn a lot from these. Best, e.
September 11, 2019
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