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nabeel venniyod
Have different circumstances between the word accept and receive
Sep 12, 2019 1:32 AM
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Typically, I think people use "accept" and "receive" interchangeably. If you want to use very exact grammar, you may use "accept" to imply you willingly took something offered to you. Examples: "I accepted the award for best in show." "I accept the gifts from my girlfriend." When you use "receive" you generally are acquiring something. Examples: "I received a drink from the bar tender" "I will receive change if I overpay the the vending machine. I don't think native speakers sweat the difference too much though. ~_^
September 12, 2019
Accept is like when you accept a situation or a deal, that's you that you agree with the situation, however the receive is like you get something, someone sent you email and now you telling them that you received email sent by you. and if there is an agreement and you agree with this agreement, you can say, I accept your offer (can't say I receive your offer). I am just learning, better some other people write down the proper difference. Thanks
September 12, 2019
nabeel venniyod
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