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Is it natural to use -기 싫어요 for other situations? One of my books only has one example of this form: 밥 목기 싫어요. I've not really heard someone use it other than that way; however, are sentences like the following normal: 버스 타기 싫어요. 티비 보기 싫어요. 언니한테 얘기 싫어요. Does this this formation have grammar rules outside the norm?
Sep 12, 2019 2:29 AM
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* verb stem + 기 makes the verb to a noun just like 'gerund' in English. ** 밥 먹기 싫어요. 언니한테 얘기하기 싫어요. would be correct sentences. *** verb stem + 기 is usually used with 좋아하다, 싫어하다, 바라다, 원하다 . For these verbs, an object marker 를 is commonly dropped. : -기(를) + 좋아하다, 싫어하다 etc. **** verb stem + 기 (가) + 쉽다, 어렵다, 좋다, 싫다, 나쁘다,시작하다, 힘들다 ***** "Yes". It is natural to use those sentences that you showed.
September 12, 2019
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