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Can I use these interchangeably? He has so many debts. / He has a lot of debts. We're ready for the harshest conditions. / We're ready the hardest conditions.
Sep 12, 2019 10:55 AM
Answers · 3
!) Yes, you can use those interchangeably. 2) We don't really say 'the hardest conditions'- it just sounds odd.
September 12, 2019
The first two sentences are very similar and both are correct. "He has a lot of debts." is a flat statement. "He has so many debts." adds an emotional component to the statement. It expresses a feeling that there is something bad about the number of debts he has. In the last two sentences, "harshest" and "hardest" are equivalent. But the last sentence is incorrect without the word "for."
September 12, 2019
Last sentence doesn't make sense. Use "We're ready FOR the hardest conditions."
September 12, 2019
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