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How should I use “ flatter “ as a verb to mean “ make sb look attractive “? I looked up this word In the dictionary , it says flatter could mean “to make someone look as attractive as they can” . So can I say : This dress flatters my figure / my skin color . This hairstyle flatters my face shape . Do these examples sound natural to native speakers in daily conversations ? Or could I simply say “ this dress / hairstyle flatters me ?” Which one is better ? Thanks a lot of answering my questions ~
13 сент. 2019 г., 10:43
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You would say It suits me. I like the way I look in this dress. I like how I look with this haircut. I like the way this dress shows off my figure. The reason “flatter” isn’t good is because it is too general of an opinion, and to use it about yourself sounds conceited. That dress really flatters you. (OK. Everyone is going to think you look good in that dress. ) This dress flatters me. (Everyone is going to think I look good in this dress. Sounds conceited.) I hope this dress flatters me. (Ok) I think this dress flatters me. (Ok) Do you think this dress flatters me? I like the way I look in it.(Ok)
13 сентября 2019 г.
Flatter is usually used as a complimentary word used by another person. A friend might say: the dress flatters you. It's also used as advertisement for "clothing that flatters everyone". We can say: She is wearing a flattering outfit today. I would not use it to talk about myself though. I'd rather say: This dress suits me well (neutral) This dress goes well with my skin color. This hairstyle complements my face. This hairstyle brings out the natural shape of my face.
13 сентября 2019 г.
Hey, People don't use flatter on themselves, but you can totally say "this dress flatters her figure". Your other examples are a little strange. I'd highly recommend looking at some example sentences to get a better idea of how the word is used It's worth noting that flatter usually means 為了得到利益而放肆地誇別人
13 сентября 2019 г.
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