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Bu yuzuk bir daha cikmasin! Sorry for the simple question, but I am not really sure about this. I think I understand the parts, but not the whole "bu yuzuk" - this ring bir daha cikmasin ~ take it off again so..... take this ring off again???
13 sept. 2019 15:04
Answers · 2
ÇIKMAK 1to go out, 2to ascend, to rise, 3to be taken off/out, 4..7...9..10.... çık- çık + ma (negative) + sın (imperative for singular 3rd) >çıkmasın may he/she/it not be out let he/she/it not be out Bu yüzük bir daha çıkmasın. May this ring not be taken off again.
30 octobre 2019
That ring shall not go off again or That ring shall not be taken off again Sounds like taking out the ring means getting engaged/married. Another person wishes that engagement/marriage will be forever.
13 septembre 2019
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