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Polish proverb how to say in Polish 'harness five oxen' (when I got into a difficult situation)? thank you ^^^
Sep 13, 2019 9:40 PM
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Mateusz, thank you for your answer )))
January 24, 2020
You can probably say, something possibly similar in meaning, namely: "Wziąć byka za rogi" "To take the bull by it's horns" Meaning, rolling your sleeves up, tackling the issue head on, going in direct. - kurczę, tyle roboty.. - nie ma się co zastanawiać, tylko brać byka za rogi! - crap, so much work... - nothing to ponder on, but take the bull by it's horns! (= get to work)
January 24, 2020
I'm sorry to say that most probably there is no corresponding proverb in Polish. The only one similar I can think of is "w kupie siła" (there is strength in numbers, together we stand strong). I've checked Wiki for any proverb that could be translated 1:1, but found none. Here is a list of other proverbs related to work: pl(dot)wiktionary(dot)org/wiki/Aneks:Przysłowia_polskie_-_praca
September 22, 2019
yes, it is assumed that the "five oxen" are strength enough to pull you out from your difficulties. this is an old expression (~ beginning of the 19th century). is there a pun in that expression?,.. somehow. anyway thank you ^^^
September 21, 2019
Never heard of any simmilar proverb. Google can't help either in Polish and English. Does it mean that those "five oxen" will help you or.. rather are too many, an overkill (way too many oxen to solve the situation).
September 21, 2019
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