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Is it correct to use “at” in the following sentence (e.g. at home)? Hi friends, Is it correct to use “at” in the following sentence? I am asking this question because sometimes we don't use a preposition with "home". I am not coming today because I have a lot of things to do at home. Thanks in advance! Niwantha
14 sep 2019 06:21
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Yes, your sentence needs the preposition 'at'. The adverbial phrase 'at home' consists of the preposition 'at' and the noun 'home'. This phrase is similar to 'at work' , 'in the office' or 'in my house'. You are right that 'home' can often be used without a preposition, but this is only when it is functioning as an adverb of place/direction in its own right - like 'away', 'abroad', 'up', 'down', 'back', 'over', 'here' or 'there'. We use 'home' as an adverb with the verb 'to be' : "I am home", similar to "He is away" or "She is here"; we also use it in combination with verbs of movement: "I'm driving home" "She's walking home" "When are you coming home?". I hope that helps.
14 september 2019
Thanks Mike!
14 september 2019
Yes, that's a common thing to say in that situation, exactly as you have it written.
14 september 2019
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