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”all but a few hundred of them extinct” means most extinct? Most of us, when we talk about volcanoes, think of the classic cone shapes of a Fuji or Kilianjaro, which are created when erupting magma piles up. These can form remarkably quickly. Altogether there are some ten thousand of these volcanoes on Earth, all but a few hundred of them extinct. 1. all but a few hundred of them extinct. Does it mean most volcanoes are extinct volcanoes, only a few volcanoes are active volcanoes? These are volcanoes so explosive that they burst open in a single big crack, leaving behind a vast hole, the caldera. 2. Does “ crack“ here mean sound? Poet William Stafford once said that we are defined more by the detours in life than by the narrow road toward goals. 3. Does it mean our life is full of detours rather than narrow road toward goals? most universities already allow highly qualified students to graduate early by testing out of certain classes and obtaining a number of college credits 4. Is “test out of ”a phrase, I can not find it.
Sep 14, 2019 3:38 PM
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1. Yes. It means most volcanoes are extinct. Only a few volcanoes are still active. 2. The sentence is a little vague. Crack could be a sound here, or it could be describing a physical feature. Like a crack in a piece of something solid. 3. Not exactly. This could be interpreted different ways. A detour in life is something we experience that does not have a goal in mind. It's something that we don't plan for. An example might be you start a new job and you meet a new best friend. Your goal wasn't to meet a friend, but you did, and that friend became as important or more important than the job. 4. To "test out of" a class is to take a test that covers all of the material that would be covered in that class without taking the class. If you are able to pass the test without taking the class, then you have proved that you know the subject matter and therefore can skip taking the class entirely. It would not be required because you already know what is being taught.
September 14, 2019
1. It means only a few hundred of them are remained today and the rest of them vanished. 2. No, here “crack” means breaking suddenly. 3. I don’t think so!🤔 4. “To test sth out” is a phrasal verb.
September 14, 2019
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