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"tickled to death" is it an old facioned expression? What people use more instead of it in the UK nowdays?
Sep 14, 2019 5:19 PM
Answers · 10
From my perspective, it is a bit old fashioned, but not so old fashioned as to sound strange or out of place. It is still in use, but not as common as it used to be. 'Chuffed to bits' has a slightly different meaning, it means that something gave a lot of pleasure, while 'tickled to death' means that it was funny and caused laughter
September 14, 2019
Yes, it is old fashioned. You could say, “I was well chuffed” but this is slang.
September 14, 2019
Thnk you, Lucy. Unfortunately I do not use whatsapp :(
September 15, 2019
Good evening Igor. 1. Tickled to Death is not old fashioned; It's an idiom which is still in use. 2. Old-fashioned should be spelled this way. Whatsapp me +233550271318. I would like to help you get better in English. Thanks!
September 14, 2019
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