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手滑. mistouch 一不小心手滑选中其他的了。 How to put "手滑" in English? mistouch I selected another answer without noticing it (because I mistouched the screen).
15 wrz 2019 02:39
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The word “mistype” exists, so given modern touch-screen technology, “mistouch” sounds good to me, even if that word does not yet exist. Nanren’s options are all good as well. Another option, if you’re looking for a noun, might be “fat-fingers” or “fat-finger syndrome”. Check out this article in the MacMillan Dictionary:
15 września 2019
I'm not sure that we have as neat an expression. I clicked the wrong option. I had finger trouble; selected the wrong one. I accidentally selected the wrong one. . My hand slipped and the wrong option was selected. I selected the wrong option by accident, just a slip of the hand.
15 września 2019
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