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walk of life How do I use this expression? I am a member of a walk of life??? People of all walks of life??? Climate change concerns every walk of life??? Could you please correct these sentences or give other examples. Thank you!
15 sept. 2019 07:22
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Here are couple of ideas! 'All walks of life' has the sense of people from all levels of society and all kinds of backgrounds. So 'people from all walks of life want/don't want Brexit' means a cross section of people want/don't want... Perhaps more interestingly, 'walk of life' is the name of an old but famous song by English band Dire Straits where the meaning of it was about an individual's lifesyle having a unique flavour (in my opinion!). It was a petic comment on a particular person's 'walk of life', how they move through their world. Here's a link to the song!
15 septembre 2019
You almost always hear this as “people from all walks of life” as a hackneyed way to describe people from different backgrounds.
15 septembre 2019
I come from a different background. People from all walks of life. Climate change concerns people from all walks of life.
15 septembre 2019
Our volunteers include people from all walks of life. (walk of life = the position in society someone has, especially the type of job they have)
15 septembre 2019
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