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John Anderson(韩敏杰)
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이문장들을 영어로 번역해 주세요 (1)3일이면 끝나 버릴 걸 (가지고) 그렇게 모두 걱정하고 있었어요 (2)그사람이 그렇게빨리 풀려 날 걸 (가지고) 신문에서는 그 사람이 사형당할 것으로 보도되었어요.
Sep 15, 2019 6:51 PM
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(1) 3일이면 끝나 버릴 걸 (가지고) 그렇게 모두 걱정하고 있었어요. => We were all so worried about what turned out to be only three days' work. => We were all dreading unnecessarily what could be done in three days. * -ㄹ 걸(것을) (가지고) = with/about something that ...; when it was going to be ... (2) 그사람이 그렇게 빨리 풀려 날 걸 (가지고) 신문에서는 그 사람이 사형당할 것으로 보도되었어요. => The newspapers reported he was slated for execution when in fact he got release in such a short order.
September 16, 2019
John Anderson(韩敏杰)
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