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whats meaning of"soon after" and" go and have liver and onions " hi there: 1)whats meaning of "and wondering, and he doesn’t stop" in this sentence???? 2)whats meaning of"starve" 3)i dont understand gist of this part” But they warned him:" 4)and meaning of "line up" See, this is what he’s like! Instead of being frightened by the thing that’s trying to kill him, he’s thinking about loving liver, and liver-lovers, and looking for connections, and wondering, and he doesn’t stop. Case in point: A few months ago, his doctor said to him, “We’re going to run a line up your liver, and, in effect, we’re going to try to shave off or starve some of the cancer cells, first on one side and then on the other, to see if we can give you a little more time.” But they warned him:
Sep 15, 2019 7:55 PM
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1) "and wondering, and he doesn't stop" Doesn't stop refers to all the things before it. He doesn't stop loving liver. He doesn't stop thinking about livers. Etc. Basically it means he is obsessed with anything to do with livers (or more likely the food, after reading Ellen's response). There might be some context missing from before the sentence about what or who he is trying to make connections with, and what he is wondering about. 2) Starve is the result of not eating for a long period of time. If you don't eat for a couple of days, you begin to starve. In this context, they are going to starve the cancer cells by not giving them the nutrients they need to survive. 3) When you warn someone, you are telling them about something dangerous he or she needs to be careful of. "There is a ledge over there. You could fall. Be careful." Is an example of a warning. 4) This is two separate things. A line in this context is a small tube or a small wire. Up is the direction it will be pushed. So, the doctor will be putting a small tube through the skin or some other opening all the way to the liver. Once it is there, the doctor will perform some kind of procedure.
September 15, 2019
Hi Younes, So, given the context, I would say that we are talking about a man who has liver cancer who is obsessed with the fact that he loves liver as food. (Probably beef liver.)So apparently he is wondering if the fact that he has eaten liver and knows others who also eat liver has anything to do with him developing cancer of the liver. Was there a reference to this character going out to eat with others who also ordered liver as a meal? Anyway, a second character cannot understand why he is obsessed with those questions rather than concentrating on the care his doctors are planning for him. The "to run a line up" is the particular treatment of the cancerous liver. The doctors hope that the treatment will add a few months to his life but there is a warning not posted. It may be that the treatment may not work or perhaps the quality of life for those potential extra months may not be so great. At least that is my best guess given just that excerpt. Hope this helps, e.
September 15, 2019
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